Monthly Archives: November 2013

First thoughts

Who knows where this blog may go? These first posts will be an exploration of what is possible.

Last week I was jazzed to feel I had finally connected with my father’s maternal grandmother’s family. ¬†After attending the seminar I consolidated my tree into one and pulled out my mother’s book on “Ray’s mother’s family.” Therein I found the elusive Alexander McAdams will naming his siblings, including my great-grandmother. An explosion of investigation followed, some to-be-proved, some speculation, some highly likely but needing a final touch to confer authenticity. I walked away with a sense of knowing who these people were, that the stories my father told really were true. They were Scots-Irish, modern, proud, highly successful, McAdams descended from Gregor, the third son of King MacAlpin, the MacGregors outlawed in 1445, changing their name to McAdams, and thence scattering to the ends of the earth. MacGregors were always challengers, opponents of the Campbells, ancestors of the famous Rob Roy MacGregor whose grave we visited. These stories were told, and now I am able to embrace them as my own, and bond with the defiant Scots-Irish – early industrialists, people of commerce, successful immigrants to urban America.

Been reflecting on this wonderful place I live, steeped in creativity.